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Unsalted Butter

Model No.: Unsalted Butter
Product Name: Unsalted Butter
Product Origin: USA/Canada/Mexico/Australia/Colombia/EU
Standard: Butter
Brand Name: Butter
PriceTerms: eny
Supply Ability: Any
Detailed Product Description:
  • Color light yellow to yellowish white.
  • Butter will be manufactured with cow’s milk.
  • Color and smell natural.
  • Expiry date 24months after production date. Not older than 30 days from the date of shipment. All packages bear production and expiration date.
  • Taste pure, mild acid, not rancid.

Chemical Specifications

  • Pure butter fat not less than 82%
  • Moisture and milk solids total not more than 18%
  • Iodine index 33-43 range
  • Saponification value 210-235 range
  • Polenske index 1.5-3.7 range
  • Free fatty acid 0.3% max
  • Peroxide value 0.6 meq/kg.max
  • Melting inter 30-34 range
  • Radio activity (Cs137) content in butter less than 10bq/kg

Microbiological Specifications

  • Coliforms absent
  • Yeasts and modules max 50 per gr.
  • Salmonella absent per 25gr
  • E.coli ab absent

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